Ten Ways to Keep Your Home Cool and Save Energy

More than half of home energy use goes to space cooling and heating. Here are a few tips to maximize your home’s cooling system while saving money and energy.

  1. Install a whole-house ventilating fan in your attic or in an upstairs window to help air circulate in your home. Although not a replacement for a central air conditioning system, a fan is an effective way to stay comfortable on milder days. Remember to cover and insulate it during the winter to prevent heat loss.
  2. Don’t set your thermostat at a colder setting than normal when you turn your air conditioner on. It will not cool faster, but it will cool to a lower temperature than you need and use more energy.
  3. Consider using a ceiling fan with your window air conditioner to spread the cooled air to other rooms. But be sure the air conditioner is large enough to help cool the additional space.
  4. Keep lamps or television sets away from the thermostat. Heat from these appliances is sensed by the thermostat and could cause your system to run longer than necessary.
  5. Keep lights low or off when not needed. Electric lights generate heat and add to the load on your air conditioner.
  6. Plant shade trees strategically around your home. Properly selected and planted shade trees can save up to $80 annually on the average electric bill.
  7. Use window or whole house ventilating fans to cool your home.
  8. Use vents and exhaust fans to pull heat and moisture from the attic, kitchen, bath and laundry directly to the outside, if you don’t have air conditioning.
  9. Enroll in Energy Wise Rewards to take more control over your energy usage and save money on energy costs.

You can also read our “Helpful Ways to Save” brochure for more tips on saving money and energy.

Learn About Pepco’s Energy Wise Rewards Program

Learn About Energy Wise RewardsPepco’s Energy Wise Rewards program is a new, voluntary program that helps decrease electricity consumption during peak energy use periods and saves you money. This program has been successful in Maryland and is now available to residents in the District of Columbia.

By allowing Pepco to remotely cycle off the compressor on your home’s central air conditioning and heat pump during specific peak-usage time periods, electricity consumption is reduced. In exchange, participating customers are rewarded financially with incentive payments off their Pepco bill. You save energy and money. It also reduces the strain on the electric grid during times of peak usage, such as heat waves.

Pepco contractors will be in your neighborhood visiting customers door-to-door providing more information on the program. Contractors wear Pepco Energy Wise Rewards insignias on their shirt and provide identification to customers so that they are easily recognizable to the public. In addition, our representatives will offer their business cards upon request.

We understand that there may be various vendors canvassing your community. However, Pepco Energy Wise Rewards Contractors will never ask you to provide them with a copy of your Pepco bill.

Your safety is very important to us!

If for any reason there is question or concern with anyone at your door, please ask them to show you their identification.

For more information, please visit pepco.com/rewards or call 1-866-353-5798.

Receive up to $160 in bill credits this year by signing up for Pepco’s Energy Wise Rewards Program

When demand for electricity reaches its peak during the hot summer months, Pepco works with customers in the District of Columbia and Maryland to reduce strain on the electric grid through the Energy Wise Rewards program.  In addition to doing a good thing for the environment, customers who sign up for this program receive a one-time installation credit and bill credits during the peak summer months for each year they participate in the program.

Energy Wise Rewards works by turning off your central air conditioner or heat pump over short periods of time on selected summer days, known as Peak Savings Days. When Energy Wise Rewards conservation periods occur, the air conditioner fan continues to run, so most participants do not notice a conservation period occurring. You can expect, at most, five conservation events per year, each lasting three to six hours. Some homeowners may experience a 1- to 3-degree rise in temperature during a conservation period.

Energy Wise Rewards conservation periods are only activated during times of high electricity demand. During this time, typically between the months of June through October, you will receive monthly bill credits off of your electric bill. Participation is voluntary and there is no charge for taking part.

In addition to receiving the installation credit and bill credits during the summer months, you can choose between receiving a web-programmable thermostat or an outdoor switch, which is professionally installed at no cost to you. The thermostat will help you save energy and money all year round; the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that web-programmable thermostats can help customers save up to 10% off their electric bills every year.

Interested in signing up? You can enroll here.

To learn more, check out our Frequently Asked Questions, visit our website, or call 1-866-353-5798.

Virginia Burginger
Manager, Demand Side Management