Combat Energy Vampires During Energy Awareness Month

ImageWhile October is better known for hayrides and Halloween, it is also National Energy Awareness Month. However, Halloween and Energy Awareness Month do have something spooky in common: Vampires. You may not know it, but there are probably a number of vampires lurking in your home: electronic devices that appear to be switched off, but in reality are sucking energy with little benefit to you.

Whether your cellphone charger is frequently left plugged into the wall or your computer or video game consoles are kept in standby mode, many of your devices may draw energy when they are not in use. While one individual electronic device may only draw a little power when it’s in standby mode, the total number of devices drawing energy when they are not in use can account for almost 10% of your household energy use.

You can save money and energy by unplugging electronics when they are not in use or by using a power strip to multiple devices on and (completely) off. When purchasing new electronics, you can also look for low-standy Energy Star products. This season, a careful look around your home might reveal some significant energy savings, and rid your home of energy vampires.

To learn more about ways to save energy in your home, visit:

Happy Halloween!



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