Improve your small business’ energy efficiency with Pepco’s incentive program for small business customers

Investing in energy-efficiency technology can help you to lower your small business’ energy use, just like choosing a fuel efficient vehicle can help to save you money at the pump. To make saving energy easier than ever, Pepco is offering Maryland small business customers cash incentives covering up to 90% of the installed cost of qualified energy-efficiency projects.

Under Pepco’s Small Business program, customers with facilities using less than 100 kilowatts of electricity demand per month can receive cash incentives to offset the cost of investing in energy-efficiency projects. Examples of qualified projects include lighting upgrades, HVAC equipment and a variety of other improvements that save electricity. All types of non-residential customers qualify, including bakeries, restaurants, hospitality, health care, houses of worship, non-profits, retailers, just to name a few.


To schedule a free energy assessment for your facility, contact us at or call 1-866-353-5798. A qualified energy professional will perform the assessment and install a variety of energy saving measures such as compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), hot water pipe insulation and water saving devices at no charge to you. They will also provide an analysis of your energy use with recommendations for efficiency improvements. Should you choose to implement an efficiency upgrade, Pepco will pay you up to 90% of the cost of the improvements, including installation. Additional program details are available at

I look forward to helping you save energy!

Manuel Vera
Program Manager


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