Got A Call To Verify If I Have Power, But I Don’t!

We’re making progress in restoring customers’ service after Hurricane Irene passed through our service territory – more than 90% of affected customers are back on line.  Crews have been and will continue to work around the clock until every customer is restored.

If you recall before the storm, we asked customers to report their outages. These reports – and the call-backs from us — remain important throughout the restoration process!

When customers report outages, lines down, and other critical information that impacts our electrical infrastructure, we are able to pinpoint the cause of most – but not all – outages.  That is why we urge customers to call us throughout the duration of an outage and request a call back that power has been restored.

A call back is valuable to us because it helps us identify locations we expected had been repaired, but in fact may have other problems causing disruptions of electrical service.   So, if you get a call to verify if your service was restored, but it actually wasn’t, please be patient.  These calls make us aware of any additional issues affecting a customer’s electrical service.  More than likely, that customer is part of what’s called a nested outage.  The simplest definition for a nested outage is a small pocket of customers without power due to a local equipment issue that was not fixed when the larger area was restored.

We want customers to understand that just because they may not see a crew in their immediate vicinity doesn’t mean they’re not working on their outage.  If you take a look at the overall restoration process, we have a strategy that allows us to get the biggest number of customers back on line as quickly as possible. We repair damage that impacts a larger part of our infrastructure (i.e. main distribution lines serving a city/town) before repairing localized damage (i.e. secondary lines serving neighborhoods).  That way we can continue to restore the maximum amount of customers as quickly as possible.

We understand that customers who have been without electrical service for multiple hours are frustrated.  We appreciate your continued patience as crews work around the clock to get your power restored.

I will continue to share information as it’s provided to me via Twitter & Facebook.


‘Til the next post,



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