Putting Our Outbound Call into Context

While doing my daily monitoring across different social media channels, I came across a lot of chatter on Twitter about our recent outbound calls.  The common theme for the tweets was that customers should expect to experience power outages.  I want to take a moment to put that outbound call into context.

I’ll start by saying that we’re not trying to build up anxiety.  If you tune in to just about all of the news media in the Mid-Atlantic region, reports are categorizing Hurricane Irene as possibly a historical storm.  We’ve been preparing all week for this!  You can get a sense of it by reading “Pepco Is Preparing for Irene! Are You?” and “Top 10 Ways to Prepare for Hurricane Irene.”

We want to not only stay in line with the media reports, but to also empower our customers with as much beneficial information as possible to prepare best for the weekend.  Today we activated an outbound call to all residential and small commercial customers.  To summarize it, we just wanted to reiterate to our customers that the storm is nearing our service territory and the impact may result in outages for some customers.

If you’re interested in reading the transcript, it is below in bold:

This is an important message from Pepco

With the approach of Hurricane Irene, Pepco is preparing for potential widespread power outages across its service area this weekend.  The company has mobilized extensive internal and out-of-state resources to be able to repair equipment and restore power as quickly and safely as possible.

Due to the magnitude of the storm, the company expects the restoration effort to extend over multiple days.  Just as Pepco is preparing for Hurricane Irene, we strongly urge you to prepare now for the very real possibility of power outages this weekend.  For steps you can take, go to Pepco dot com or tune in to local newscasts.


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