Setting the Record Straight!

Yesterday, Monday, June 20, Pepco Holdings, Inc., CEO Joe Rigby met with the Montgomery County City Council to discuss the progress Pepco has made with regard to reliability in Pepco’s service territory.  Soon after the conclusion of the meeting, the Examiner published an online article taking what Joe said completely out of context.  The article has become somewhat viral and what’s unfortunate is that the information included in it isn’t truthful.

In an attempt to set the record straight and share the work being done to upgrade the system, Joe has reached out to do interviews with each of the media outlets that have covered the story.  Some media outlets declined to an interview, but were open to an official statement:

Pepco is fully committed to our customers.  My goal is to dramatically improve reliability and service.  We are determined to be one of the top performing utilities in the country as quickly as possible and we’re making the necessary investments to make that happen.  Since the fall of 2010, we’ve aggressively trimmed over 1800 miles of tree line and upgraded over 100 miles of underground cable.  Our goal is to avoid outages to begin with, but when outages do occur, our aim is to restore our customers’ power as quickly and safely as possible.

Joe Rigby
Chairman of the Board, President & CEO
Pepco Holdings, Inc.

Valerie Ervin, Montgomery County Council President, also wrote a letter to the editor of the Examiner explaining how the article was “fundamentally inconsistent with the message Mr. Rigby shared with the Council on Monday.”  To view the entire Council President Letter to the editor, click here.

Since Joe was in an interviewing mode, I figured I’d ask him to take a moment to speak directly to you all and address what’s going on.  He was so open to it that he stepped out of a meeting to record it.

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