5 thoughts on “Top 10 Ways to Avoid High Summer Bills

  1. This article leaves a very good impression on people looking to save home energy. It really motivates the reader to start taking action immediately and this is something the world’s population really needs when it comes to tackling the global energy crisis.
    There are a lot more ways of saving energy throughout all times of the year. You can visit my website: =>

  2. Before buying this Frigidaire, I’d purchased two portable air conditioners: one 7000BTU Danby and one 9000BTU Sunpentown. Both of those were totally unable to bring a 12×14 bedroom down by more than 3-4 degrees, even after running all night. They blew cold air but for some reason the room never got cooler. One night it was even warmer in the bedroom, with the AC running full blast, than it was outside when we woke up in the morning!

    I didn’t want a window unit because I work at home and wanted to be able to roll the AC back and forth between the bedroom and my office. In the middle of a major heat wave, I got desperate and installed this Frigidaire 6000BTU in the bedroom so I could get some sleep. I found that it cooled the room to about 72 degrees (100+ and humid outside during a major heat wave) within about 90 minutes. I was so amazed at how much better this works than the other ones that I immediately bought another one for the office. The total cost for these two vastly superior window units was about fifty bucks more than buying one portable.

    Installation was a little harder with the Frigidaire window unit because I have vinyl windows and had to cut two wooden shims to anchor the AC so I wouldn’t have to screw it into the vinyl itself (which would void the warranty). This is true with any window unit. But the slightly longer installation time is definitely worth it because the Frigidaire:

    – is much cheaper
    – is much quieter
    – cools the room fairly quickly when the others didn’t cool it at all
    – is more energy efficient, which means it’s cheaper to run–and as a bonus, the city where I live gives a rebate for EnergyStar appliances

    I was a little psyched out about installing this unit with vinyl windows, but there are a bunch of good tutorials out there if you put Google to work, and in the end it was much easier than I thought. Total no-brainer. . . this appliance is fantastic and a great deal.

  3. PEPCO has a federally funded program for free thermostats, a potential value of $30.00 or more. Although enrolled in your program I am excluded because I don’t waste enough energy and those that do are preferential customer given special treatment. As senior citizens, on limited income (adjusted $13,000 annually) even a $30.00 piece of equipment, “professionally installed” would be beneficial and welcomed. But the advertisement to “Join our Club” is misleading, deceptive and quite frankly deceptive.
    I could use a ew thermostat to set my heat for the night and reduce furnace operation and ELECTRIC USE

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