The Gift of Energy

Yesterday, I was quoted in a pretty heartbreaking article.  Some unfortunate events landed an elderly couple in financial hardship where they couldn’t afford to pay their electric bill.  Long story short, we disconnected their power.

I have to stress that the last thing we want to do is disconnect anyone’s electricity.

Not included in the article is that fortunately, the couple received energy assistance that covered their entire bill in addition to donations from the community that were applied to their account.  It was truly an amazing feeling to know that the community stepped in and supported this elderly couple.  Which leads me to one of the reasons for this post…

This morning when I got in, I called a colleague of mine in Customer Care to get a status update on the account.  He notified me that we reconnected service yesterday morning and as an added bonus, the company received numerous anonymous donations to benefit the couple.  What was even more touching was that one of the donations was for $1200; the entire amount that was owed prior to energy assistance.  It couldn’t have been more than 10 minutes later, I received a call on the media line from a 75 year old customer offering to also pay $1200 to their account.  I let him know that the account was taken care of, but if he was still interested, he could still provide them with the Gift of Energy.

We typically promote the Gift of Energy during the holidays, but it’s available all year ‘round.  It’s a way for people to help out other customers or family members with their energy costs.

The other reason for this post was to let customers know that it’s a lot easier to remedy account issues before a service disconnection.  An extremely common issue is that customers don’t notify us of their financial troubles.  There are payment options available, but they can only be taken advantage of if we are aware of customer needs.  So the takeaway from that is if you or someone you know is having financial troubles, don’t wait until it’s too late to contact us to make arrangements.

‘Til the next post,


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