7 Things You Should Know if in an Earthquake

I’ve lived in the Washington, DC metropolitan area for the last 26 years (yes I was born in 1984) and I never expected to experience an earthquake here.  This morning, a 3.6 magnitude earthquake took place.  Now that I know anything is possible, safety tips are in order.  These 7 tips will help you stay safe if we experience aftershocks or another earthquake of this or a greater magnitude:


If indoors:

1. Take cover under a desk, table, or bench.  If none is available, use an inside wall or doorway.

2. Stay away from windows, outside doors, walls, and anything that could shatter or fall on you.

3. If you’re sleeping, stay in bed and cover your head with a pillow. If your bed is under a heavy light fixture or you have a large mirror or painting over your headboard, move to the nearest safe place.

4. Stay inside until the shaking stops. Most injuries during an earthquake occur when people enter or exit a structure.


If outdoors:

5. Stay there and move away from buildings, streetlights, and overhead utility wires.    


If in a motor vehicle:

6. Stop as quickly as safety permits and stay in the vehicle. Avoid stopping near or under buildings, trees, overpasses, and utility wires.

7. Proceed cautiously once the earthquake has stopped, watching for road and bridge damage.

‘Til the next post,


P.S. Is it bad that I sleep so soundly that I didn’t even know there was an earthquake until this morning when I spoke to my neighbor?

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