Lending a Helping Truck?

Yesterday morning, June 23, Pepco received a report from Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services of lines down across Interstate 270 (I-270).  As a result, I-270 was shut down for a few hours.  Anyone who commutes on I-270 (north and south) knows how many drivers take this route in the morning.  So you can only imagine how big an event closing down the highway was.

Apparently, a nearby water main break weakened the utility pole holding the power and telecommunications lines and eventually gave way.

Shortly after the incident was reported, Pepco crews went to the site.  Due to safety, the crews de-energized and removed the power lines until repairs were completed to the utility pole.  Though the company wasn’t responsible for the repair, Pepco crews stuck around to help out.  They resourcefully used several bucket trucks to secure the utility pole (see picture above) and hold up the remaining telecommunications lines across the interstate.  This allowed I-270 to reopen and resume traffic flow.

Pepco received great thanks for their cooperation and coordination from the Maryland State Police and Maryland State Highway Administration for “Holding the Line “while awaiting Telecom’s eventual arrival.

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