PHI Proposes Choptank Route for MAPP Project

Did Andre spell map incorrectly?

Usually you’d probably be right, but not this time.  MAPP or Mid-Atlantic Power Pathway is one of the biggest reliability projects Pepco Holdings, Inc. (PHI) is currently working on.

It is a proposed high-voltage transmission line that will help bring reliable and affordable power to the Delmarva Peninsula.  It will run from northern Virginia, across southern Maryland, under the Chesapeake Bay, through Dorchester and Wicomico counties in Maryland, and end near Millsboro, Delaware.

In laymen’s terms, MAPP is a high voltage power line that will bring the needed electricity the Mid-Atlantic region requires.  It is predicted that the current electric grid in that region won’t be able to handle the demand in the future.  Experts like the US Department of Energy have said that building new transmission will help this problem.

Why is the proposed route so important?

Though this project will bring huge benefit to the region, there is opposition.  The biggest cause of resistance was the initial proposed route.  There were those who feared impact on the environment, agriculture, and culturally significant areas in the region.  After a lot of welcomed feedback, the common question was if PHI could bring the power line up a waterway instead of over land.  

As a result, PHI went back to the drawing board to choose another route.  Working with local watermen, PHI mapped, surveyed and selected an underwater route that will run up the Choptank River.

To learn more about the MAPP project, visit  There, you can find everything about the project, from an overview to the schedule so far.

I will also continue to blog about this topic in a more conversational tone.  This is the first of many posts.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment.  Depending on the amount of comments, I’ll either directly reply or use them to create another post.

‘Til the next post,


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